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" This book is very good. It helps you to learn Chinese easy and fast. It is very interesting ! " Jeremy Toh Primary 2 student Yu Neng primary School Singapore 2004
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"Easy to learn, very interesting, effective, systematic, this book is a superb guide for learning Chinese." Charles Baker Adult Student USA 2012
Email From: Don Subject: MP3 files for your book Dear Joscelyn, Congratulations on your wonderful books!  I am an adult learner of Chinese based in Australia.  I am also a regular visitor to Singapore, where I discovered your books at an MPH bookstore yesterday.  I have tried many different methods to learn Chinese and find your books extremely helpful in that they provide small groups of model sentences based on useful everyday grammatical patterns.   As one of my major difficulties with Chinese is pronunciation of tones, I was wondering if you have any plans to release MP3 versions of your books with audio readings of the sentences. I wish you great success with your wonderful books. Best regards, Don Sydney, Australia 2011
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"Excellent! Easy examples, fun to learn. I am using this book to teach English native speakers. I can get my students to match the question phrases with the basic sentences. Getting them to construct basic sentences and questions easily." Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] Hannah Lee Language Teacher Tasmania, Australia 2009
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During my stay in Singapore, I found this book very simple and direct to the Chinese learning. It focused on “Sentence Pattern” (neither on grammar, nor on vocabulary). One Sentence Pattern was linked with many vocabularies, in another words, you can express a lot by simply learning several useful sentence patterns. I just found it fascinating. Sometimes, you want to learn in a really relaxing way, this is the right choice. Some singaporean are bilingual, we can learn from them. Carine Yeun Chinese Language & Culture Bookstores 17-8-2013
" I have begun to study year 11 Chinese. I have found it slightly challenging but manageable. My teacher is very up to date and uses ipods, lap tops and blogs to help us study. A very good book to help you study Chinese at any level is "Chinese Made Super Easy" by Joscelyn Quek. " Feb,19th 2008 in Chinese by Chocotate Chocmans Blog Most Helpful Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars  Very practical.  This book is one of the best books I have purchased. It has easy to understand sentences. Words are big and easy to read. The phrases are very common. It is a must have book for beginners. By Julie Young October 5, 2009 Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
Email From: Dharsh   Subject: Any more books I just bought book 2 and it's exactly what I've been looking for for both my daughter and I. It's brilliant!! Any more books coming up please?!! 2013
"I have to say I'm loving this book. It is amazing how things just seem so much easier now. I have been buying different books to help me to learn and none have been this great!" Hamidah Malaysia 2009
"Detailed, yet not too deep to make you yawn in boredom. Fresh approach in style, teaching the basics of Chinese language and more. In a nutshell,an easy to understand guide for anyone! " Nadia Samdin Secondary 2 student CHIJ Katong Convent School, Singapore 2004
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